Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh how you have grown!

It is Puppy Picture day!!!!  The puppies all grew SO much while I was gone!  Even though I didn't get home until 1:30am last night - I just had to see all the puppies right away and of course all the doggies greeted us with MUCH enthusiasm!  Doggies never care if you come home at 1:30am in the morning!  They love you every hour of every day!  Even Mr. Yesteryear Acres waited up for us. It was a good welcome home!
Here is this week's cute puppy picture fix!
The grass is tickling my paws!

Does she really think we will all sit still and pose for the camera at once?

Okay, I will say cheese!!!!

Time for a sunbath!

I am in a jungle!

Oh never is just green grass.

I am busy getting a suntan

Where are you going Mr. Yesteryear Acres?

See you next week!!!!!

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