Saturday, April 21, 2012

What are these things in the little pink case?

I have my little travel computer with me so I can keep up with my emails while I am away from home.  All morning I kept thinking, "GRRRRRR  I hate this little computer.  It is SO hard to work on. I can't see anything."  I was so frustrated because normally the smallness doesn't bother me.  Normally I am so happy to have something so compact and lightweight.  My big gigantic 20" laptop died a slow and painful death last year and I replaced it with an All-In-One computer.  Well, I can not take my big All-In-One computer with me so I just have this little companion. I tried to work on it last night but it was so difficult and laborious, I decided that I must be exhausted from my long trip and decided to go to bed. I figured that when I woke up in the morning my difficulties would all be gone. WRONG. I was still frustrated this morning.  Why is this so hard? Why am I having so much trouble with my computer? Why can't I see anything?????? Oh.  I know.  What are these things in this little pink case lying right on the table? Are they.......reading glasses!?!?!?! Why, yes, yes they are. Let me put on my reading glasses. I CAN SEE! I CAN SEE!  OH!  My computer screen is SO much bigger now!  There are WORDS on my screen!!! Note to self.....Your eyes are old. You need to use your reading glasses. Get over it. Second Note to are mere steps away from wearing your reading glasses around your neck 24/7.  Third Note to Self.....realistically speaking, you should already be wearing your reading glasses around your neck 24/7 because your arms have shrunk and you cannot hold anything far enough away to actually see what it says. Fourth Note to self.....Read Notes 1-3 because obviously memory impairment goes hand in hand with vision impairment.  Final Note - Gave a mice say!!! ..... or if you had on your glasses.......Have a nice day!!!!

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