Friday, April 6, 2012

Where Did I Put That?

Today was the ever so fun...."Where did I put that?" day. I am still exiled to the dungeon diligently working away on our taxes and spent the day looking for things I misplaced.  Where is that receipt from.... and ...Where did I put that letter .. and what is my PIN number.....and ....where is that form? Oh yes.  Joy.  And then some.  This only reminds me that I must must must become a more organized accountant/bill payer/business woman/webmaster/accounts receivable/accounts payable/manager/owner/responsible person. I say this every year.  I promise every year to be much more organized. I swear I will never just put something aside and get to it later, only to forget where I put it. Okay. This time I mean it.  This time, starting today, I will put EVERYTHING in its rightful place. I won't make piles of papers that are to "be filed" later.  I will file everything right away!  Oh look - here comes the mail!  Oh my.  There is a lot of mail. I think I will just put that aside for now because obviously I am way too busy today to file it but tomorrow...I will get right on it!

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