Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where are the keys?

As you can imagine, we have a TON of puppy toys here at Yesteryear Acres.  We have soft toys, hard toys, rubber toys, fleecy toys and bones, bones, bones galore.  We buy puppy toys all the time and have a gigantic box overflowing with them.  Every day we give the puppies a "new" toy to play with.  One day might be a Nylabone key ring, the next day an octopus, and the day after that a chew toy shaped like a fetching stick.  We rotate through the toys so that every morning the puppies all think, "WHAT TOY DID YOU BRING TODAY!"  They are always so excited to investigate the new toy. From time to time we have to throw away the poor eviscerated cow, or the mangled no longer recognizable rooster, but the toys usually make it through a couple of rounds before they are sent to the big recycling bin in the sky.  Even if the puppies have seen the Nylabone teething key ring before, the fact they haven't seen it for a week or more, makes it all new again. Actually it makes it better than new because it now has permanent puppy smells on it which is SO enticing.  Lately the scenario at our home has gone something like this....
"Where are the Nylabone Teething Keys?"
"Where is the Octopus?"
"Where is the Cow, Rooster, Pig, Lamb, Puppy, Blankie??????"
I keep finding our toy bin EMPTY.  No toys! No Rooster!  No Bears! NOTHING!  WHERE ARE THEY?  Then I walk over to the puppies and .... will you look at that.....TOYS TOYS TOYS!  As in ALL the toys.  Every single one.  The puppies look at me like..."What?  What's wrong?  Doesn't this look like fun???"
I have yelled at Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  He says he didn't do it.  I have yelled at my son.  He denies moving the toys as well.  I know without a doubt that the puppies are unable to climb the puppy gate and walk to the other room (all while leaving the floor spotless) and reach into the 3 foot high box to pull out toy after toy.  It is a physical impossibility.  How in the world am I missing all the toys every day?
Well.......I have found the culprit.  The culprit weighs about 40lbs.  She has four legs.  She is very furry and fluffy and cute. I caught her today in the act.
This is what I saw......
"Why hello little puppies!  How are you doing?  OH you don't have enough toys. Poor little puppies.  Poor poor poor sad little puppies. I am so sorry you don't have enough toys to play with. I will go help you!"
Then my doodle doggie runs to the other room, puts her paws up on the toy box, grabs a toy, then runs to the puppies, puts her paws up on their play area and drops the toy for them to play with.
Then she looks around, quite proud with her accomplishment, and the puppies all yip and squeak with joy. She is their HERO!  In fact she is SO much their hero she thinks....
"Oh little puppies. That is not NEARLY enough toys for you to play with. I am so sorry you don't have enough toys to play with! I will go help you!"
Then of course she repeats this over and over until the toy box is empty and the puppies are surrounded by mountains of toys.
Well, at least it keeps them all busy! Who knew I had a doodle Nanny??!!  Now.... if I could only train her to load the dishwasher.... Look Doodle Doggie, a sink full of dishes!  Poor poor empty dishwasher.  It has no dishes. I wonder if that could work!!!

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  1. This would make a great you tube video!!! I was laughing right out loud reading this blog, thanks for sharing :)


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