Sunday, April 22, 2012

Snow WHAT?

Mr. Yesteryear Acres called me early this morning to tell me that snow was coming my way.  As in real snow. As in 1-2 feet of snow. WHAT?  SNOWSTORM?  It is APRIL.  It is almost the end of April!  I got up and checked the weather maps and yes, there it was, in bright red and pink - a big snowstorm....right...exactly....precisely where I would be driving tomorrow. The mountains were really supposed to be hit hard.  Oh no. I really really really hate driving in snowstorms especially through the mountains! I had planned on staying in Annapolis until early Monday morning because I didn't get any time with my daughter.  We were going to spend as much of today together as we could. I had to let her know that I had to leave early and head on home.  sigh.  Thankfully the people at the hotel were so nice and cancelled my stay for tonight without charging me and I quickly began packing up for my trip back home.  I said my sad goodbyes to my daughter and in the pouring rain, started my long drive home. Despite the constant rain, I made pretty good time and am now home safe and sound. Alright snow....I am ready.

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