Thursday, April 12, 2012

What? Is there Hail? A Blizzard? What?!!

Early this morning our phone rang just as our son was heading out to the bus.  School had been cancelled. What? I looked outside to see if by chance a blizzard had struck or ice storm or some other calamity.  Nope.  Blue skies.  Checked our electric. Working.  What is going on? Well as it turns out, some dangerous psychiatric inmate had escaped from a nearby holding facility and was on the loose. Great. Of all the reasons we have had school cancelled - THIS was a new one! Evidently the escapee is considered extremely dangerous and has still not been captured. Last year, we had the dangerous wild animals escaping, this year we have violent criminals escaping.  What's next?  Remember when we were young and the only time school was cancelled was for a big snow storm?  And it had to be REALLY big because back then - we all went to school when there was snow on the ground.  No way did a 2" snowfall cause schools to be delayed.  No school meant sledding and hot chocolate and pajama day.  I guess those days are gone.  Now we have lockdowns and all kinds of crazy sad situations.  As for my son, like any boy his age, he was delighted with the school cancellation. Mr. Yesteryear Acres was delighted as well. He has our son out working on the tractor before 10am this morning. What a lucky boy. Always something to do here...because you know, Yesteryear Acres work is never cancelled!

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