Saturday, April 7, 2012

Puppy Sunshine Smiles

I gave myself an early parole for good behavior and left my dungeon of tax work and headed for the bright brilliant sunshine. I decided I deserved the weekend off but I will of course return to my self-imposed exile first thing Monday morning. Ahhhh. Fresh air. Ahhhhhhh. Sunshine. Ahhhhhh Blue skies!  I felt like a mole person heading outside squinting my eyes against the brilliant bright light.  I put a big nice comfy comforter out on the grass and carried all the puppies outside to join me.  We spend hours enjoying the spring day and it was heavenly.  All the puppies got new collars and their little nails are all trimmed and the day was just full of puppy sunshine smiles.  It was a much needed break and the weather could not have been any nicer.  I feel totally rejuvenated and am ready to face the hard work that awaiting me next week.  Puppy sunshine smiles....just what I needed!

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