Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Paper Cuts Begin

I was a very dutiful and productive person yesterday. I worked on my taxes until after midnight and then started right in on it again today.  I actually gave myself a papercut pulling a piece of paper out of the printer last night- so my joke about the papercut wasn't as funny as I thought.  I showed Mr. Yesteryear Acres my war wound but he wasn't impressed.  I even said that I had JUST started the taxes and already was injured, but again, not impressed.  Of course when I fell down the torrential mudslide and broke my ankle, he did ask me why I couldn't walk so perhaps getting sympathy from a papercut is a bit much to ask. I have made some real progress today and am quite proud of myself. I actually was much more organized than I gave myself credit for.  I just came downstairs for a glass of water and started bragging about how well I was doing and how much progress I was making. I was looking for shouts of, "Bravo!" "Way to Go!" "You are the best!" Instead my son said, "Congratulations, you did what was expected of you." OH! OK! I think I will use that the next time he shows me an awesome term paper that he spent weeks writing! "Congratulations dear did what was expected of you."  Yes. I am thinking he might not appreciate it when the tables are turned. Hahahaha. I can't wait until it is my turn.  Until then....back to the dungeon for me.

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