Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where is the kitchen?

Did I mention that I was gone last week? My son and I had a great time together and we are still talking about all the fun we both had.  It was an AWESOME time.  When I returned home - I kind of wondered......where is the kitchen????  I mean I usually walk to my door, open the door, and voila - my kitchen. This time, I walked to my door, opened the door and ACK! WHAT HAPPENED!? I did hear there were just the WORST storms that rolled through the county while I was gone. Rotational clouds, thunderstorms, electric lightning storms with torrential rains.  I kind of thought maybe storms happened OUTSIDE but in looking at my kitchen.....some kind of tornado, hurricane, tsunami, earthquake or other natural disaster must have occurred INSIDE my kitchen. Mr. Yesteryear Acres was left home all ALONE. With no one to help him. With no one to remind him that paintbrushes and tool boxes don't really live in the kitchen.  Spackling compound, sanders, drills, painting cloths, tape, etc used to live elsewhere in our house.  Evidently all the home improvement equipment had a meeting and decided that the kitchen is an awesome place to live. ACK!  There was stuff EVERYWHERE.  I have spent hours in the kitchen today excavating.  I don't know if I will find my kitchen before nightfall.  I know it is in there somewhere. I know it misses me. I know it wants me to find it. I am trying! Hang in there dear kitchen! I WILL SAVE YOU!

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