Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oh my GOSH - do you know it is already April 4th?????? As in March is over. As in April is here. As in.....11 more days until TAXES ARE DUE! ACK! ACK! ACK! I have not started my taxes. At all. Zero percent accomplished!  This is the latest I have ever ever ever started my taxes and you would think that panic would have set in and the panic would force me to lock myself upstairs and start working...yet here I sit obviously NOT upstairs working. Oh my.  I don't want to go upstairs. I don't even want to start. My resolution to be a very good girl and organize everything each and every month of 2011 lasted exactly ONE month.  That leaves 11 months of receipts in one huge towering pile of disorganization. sigh. Why didn't I do a little bit of work each month?  Why didn't I use pretty colors and folders and wallets to make my life easier? Don't make me go upstairs.  Don't make me face the music.  I know what awaits.  Paper cuts. Sleepless nights. Calculators. Erasers. And LOTS and LOTS of hair pulling. sigh.  I probably will be bald by April 15th. You know I have to go.  I know I have to go.  The IRS knows I have to go.  Alright. I will start.....I hope to emerge from my self-imposed exile unscathed.  Let the torture begin.

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