Sunday, April 15, 2012

Errands for Two

Today I had a thousand errands to run.  Okay, okay - so it wasn't really ONE THOUSAND but my list was really long!  I needed to go to Mr. Yesteryear Acres parent's house, then go get dog food, return purchases, go warehouse club shopping, go to my parent's house, etc.  It was a really full schedule!  Much to my delight and surprise, my son offered to go along with me for the day.  What was going to be a really long drawn out day of running errands turned into a super fun day spent with my son.  He was really glad to visit with both sets of grandparents and he was just the best company.  He even went in with me for my return purchases errand which went above and beyond the call of duty. I had to go to a store where they sell WOMEN'S CLOTHING. Can you imagine the torture?  He held up well under the pressure and I was a really good mommy and didn't shop at all.  I didn't even look at the new spring purses!  It took all I had to resist the spring clothes calling me.  We ended up getting everything crossed off our list and now have to play catch up after being gone all day long.  My son thanked me for such a fun day. Errand shopping? Fun?  YOU BET!

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  1. Those are precious days when we just hang out with our children!


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