Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why How Thoughtful

We have a rather large house here at Yesteryear Acres.  We have room, room and more room. We have a nice size kitchen with plenty of floor space.  In fact, our kitchen has so much room, we can fit a kiddie wading pool on the floor, have room to lay down next to the pool, and have cute little puppies born right there in our kitchen. See?  Lots of room. We even have room upstairs.  There is a bathroom with a floor that is easily cleaned.  We have stairs that are also easily cleaned.  We even have a full size basement.  That is a lot of floor space! I am sure you are wondering why I am going on and on about the amount of room in our house. I am sure you are wondering.....just what IS the point.  Well let me get right to it. Today, after staying up all night, I thought, "doesn't a small, teeny, weeny, little nap sound delightful?" What if I were just to crawl into bed for a 20 minute nap?  What if I were to just lay down and pull the blankets up under my chin and close my little eyes? So I quietly crept up the steps, I started to crawl into my bed when......ACK! ACK! ACK!  Gross!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWW! Given ALL the space in my house, given all the areas that are easily cleaned, given the ENTIRE basement and 2 full floors of living space....WHY, oh WHY, did my cat PUKE up a wet and yucky hairball ON MY BED? Seriously?! She couldn't have done that someplace OTHER than my bed? It wasn't the kind of mess that was easily cleaned either! Soooooooo guess who washed the comforter, sheets and all the bedding instead of taking a nap? Wasn't that thoughtful of me? And even though I am slightly sleep deprived, I would never forget to share the eagerly awaited puppy news....WE HAVE BABY PUPPIES!  I will have newborn pictures and all the details posted tomorrow.  They are all SO CUTE!

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