Friday, June 29, 2012

100* - No Electric - No Fun!

We got hit really hard by storms today!  The storm came through here on a mission to pretty much carve a path of destruction that is spread out throughout our entire city.  My daughters and I were not home when the storms hit and it took us 3x as long to get home as we were met by fallen trees, downed power lines and closed roads. At one point we thought we would have to park the car and walk home.  It was that bad. It is clear that we are in for some heavy clean up around here. My guess is that we will be without electricity for some time.  Tomorrow's forecast calls for more of the same - oppressive heat followed by torrential storms.  Looks like we will all be camping out in the living room tonight as the upstairs is too hot for anyone - two-legged or four. Wish us luck.  We are in for some hot times here.

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