Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So on the Dentist's list of dangerous foods to avoid - how far down the list do you think Pad Thai would be?  You know Pad Thai? Soft rice noodles that you don't really even need teeth to chew?  I am guessing it doesn't even make the list of foods to avoid.  Peanut Brittle - yes.  Caramel corn - yes.  Crunching on ice cubes - again - yes.  The other day I was eating Pad Thai which had a sprinkling of finely crushed peanuts on top when CRACK! I felt something weird in my tooth.  I thought a small piece of peanut got lodged in there.  I have been fooling with my tooth for days.  I can't stop.  My tongue keeps feeling the place where I believe the peanut is hiding.  Fiddle. Fiddle. Fiddle. I have cut my tongue on the sharp piece and STILL I can't stop fiddling with the tooth. My tongue is so sore but yet I still fiddle with that darn tooth. Today I finally went to the dentist.  Diagnosis - FRACTURED TOOTH.  FROM PAD THAI!  WHAT?!!!  Who fractures a tooth on soft rice noodles???? ME!  Ugh.  I have to go back early Saturday morning to get it repaired.  SIGH.  I guess Pad Thai is dangerous! Who knew!?


  1. sooooo sorry to hear of your padthai issue! :(

    -janet snow

  2. Sooooo sorry to hear of your padthai issue! :( argh! Hope you feel better soon! ---j anet snow


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