Thursday, June 28, 2012


We are melting!  I think everyone is melting.  What is this heat??? 100* UGH!  You know it is HOT when you think - swim? NAH. It is TOO  hot to swim!!!  I know there are areas of the country that have it even worse than we do and I feel for you. I feel for you, the animals, the gardens, the ponds, the fishies, the trees, the flowers -everything! We have triple the workload here when it is this hot.  All the farm chores need to be done multiple times. As soon as we water the horses, the water turns to hot water soup and they need to be watered again. The water in the garden literally evaporates to steam the second we water the plants.  Let's hope this predicted heat wave doesn't last as long as they think it will.  Poor Mr. Yesteryear Acres is melting! I might have to siphon him up off the ground and bring him inside to let him cool off a bit.  Looks like it is definitely going to be a 2 gallon fresh squeezed lemonade day. One gallon won't fix this heat! Time for more ice!!!!

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