Monday, June 11, 2012

Errand Day Success

I have had the longest list of errands to run for weeks now.  Every time I think I am going to get all my errands done, something comes up.  Today - there was no stopping me. I left the house early and started checking them off one by one. YES! Even though the bridge is now officially closed, and going into town is a road trip complete with rest stops (slight exaggeration there) - I still went out.  I might have said two or three (or 10-20) times that I was irritated by the closed bridge but nevertheless, I still went out. We now have one road that EVERYONE and their brother will be using for the next 70 days to get into town and one main road in town that is completely torn up by construction work. Gee!  Good planning!!!  Despite the road congestion, my errand trip was a success.  I even got my daughter's passport renewed. Tomorrow I just have 2  big errands left and I will be done.  Well that is until my list compiles again and I find myself back on errand duty.  For now - mission accomplished!

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