Saturday, June 2, 2012

4 years down....4 years to go

My younger daughter and I spent ALL DAY LONG in my older daughter's room helping her to go through all her belongings. To say this task is overdue - is an understatement.  We have needed to do this for years, but she is home so seldom that we never wanted to take the time away from being together and having fun to actually get the room done.  Originally my daughter was scheduled to go to Quantico immediately following graduation from the Naval Academy. Her report date was pushed back a month which was just the motivation we needed to get her room cleaned up and in a somewhat empty state. Today we finished boxing up all her high school mementos.  Her ribbons, plaques, awards, and letters were all neatly boxed up and placed in the attic. We cleaned out her drawers and closets and basically emptied her entire room. It was a somewhat emotional and very draining day. We all know what lies in wait at the end of the month.  She will spend 6 months at Quantico and then she will be off to parts unknown.  The reality is - my older daughter doesn't live here any more. It is really sad but it is a truth we can no longer deny. My living room is filled to the brim with all her belongings from the Naval Academy.  It has to go somewhere.  So today her high school room was emptied and on Monday we start putting all her college stuff away. Sigh.  Once it is all done, it will be worth it, but the actual process is not so fun.  For today - job well done. It is quitting time!

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