Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Part II?

TODAY we are going to do it! We are going to celebrate Father's Day! Cookout! Campfire! Fishing!.............Do I hear Chinese Take-out?  Okay, so the plan was the BIG celebration.  The plan was to make this a special Father's Day fun day.  Instead.....we completed the very last task in transforming our older daughter's room from childhood - to spare room/adult room. Sniff sniff.  What kind of Father's Day celebration is this?  It is like the ANTI-Father's day.  The day where you watch the end of your sweet daughter's childhood.  We hadn't really planned on transforming her room but after we had spent so long cleaning it up, it was obvious the room still belonged to a little girl.  Maybe the huge mammoth size Loft/Fort bed was the big sign that we were still clinging to her childhood.  Today Mr. Yesteryear Acres disassembled the big fort.  He took apart the giant loft bed and piece by piece we hauled it up to the attic. It is now safely stored for the next generation (YEARS AND YEARS from now) to enjoy.  We then moved our old double bed into our daughter's room.  We got a new mattress and comforter and her room is now officially perfect for her.  She wasn't exactly excited at first. I mean watching your fort/loft bed being torn down is kind of sad. But once we moved the big bed in there, happiness was everywhere.  It looks great. Tonight will be the best sleep ever and TOMORROW will definitely be.....
Father's Day Part III! Fishing!  Cookout! Campfire!  We WILL do it!

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