Friday, June 8, 2012

Bath and THEN Shower

This morning as I was making my list of all the errands I needed to run today, I is Bath day!  How could I almost forget? Lady's puppies are going home this weekend and they need their Spa Day before they leave.  Errand day will have to wait until Monday. Today is Beauty Day!  I don't want to call anyone out but a certain big bear of a puppy REALLY needed a bath so he was first.  Oh my gosh! He thought bath time as the BEST activity ever.  As soon as he was clean, he pranced and bounced along as it to say, "I SMELL MARVELOUS!"  The other puppies also were so good at getting their baths and now their ears are clean, their"under the tail area" is all nice and trimmed and their nails are clipped and all the puppies smell wonderful.  They are all ready to meet their new families. I was thinking how glad I was to get all the puppies all nice and clean and shiny when one of my dear sweet children remarked that perhaps since I bathed all the puppies that I might want one too.  I looked in the mirror.  Yes. It was obvious that I looked like a wet dog and a shower for me was quite necessary.  So Bath....THEN shower. Got it.  Well now we ALL will be clean!

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