Friday, June 1, 2012

The Excavators are Rolling!

I might have mentioned that our gigantic SUV was PACKED as full as full can be coming home from the Naval Academy.  It was literally crammed with stuff.  It took a long time to LIVING ROOM! ACK!  MORE STUFF!  Honestly.  I don't know HOW one daughter can have SO much stuff.  I mean the Naval Academy IS a military college.  It isn't like they have tons of things to wear!  So WHY is everything in my living room???? Oh well that is because my daughter's room is FULL of stuff from HIGH SCHOOL. It is a mess in there and there is NO place to put an entire moving van worth of belongings in her tiny room.  She has the smallest room in the entire house and the MOST stuff!  Today - the excavation began.  My younger daughter and I squeezed into the doorway of my older daughter's room and we are beginning to box things up.  We have to clean up all her things to make room...for all her things!  We will be there ALL WEEK LONG. My mission is to get her room DONE. My daughter's mission is to look at every single piece of paper. My daughter's mission is to look at every single flashcard she ever made in her entire life. My daughter's mission is to look at every single piece of clothing.  Even the clothes that are WAY too small.  Even the clothes that make Mr. Yesteryear Acres say, "What time period are you traveling to where you think that will still fit you???" My daughter is like, "awwwww look at this T-shirt I wore when I was in 7th grade."  I am like, "Let's save things that have sentimental value and move on."  I believe I have been accused of throwing away her childhood 17,000 times today.  If I throw away a tag from a shirt from when she was in 7th grade ....I really don't think that qualifies as throwing her childhood away.  You can imagine all the joy in that room. We are beginning to make progress but it will be a LONG SLOW week. By the way....Dear sister of mine..........your adorably sweet niece found the check today that you wrote as a present.....for her birthday....back in.....2009!  Yes.  We have our work cut out for us. The Excavators are Rolling!

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