Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puppy Smile Day

Lady's sweet Double Doodle babies have started to go to their new homes.  We had a busy day with puppy families coming to finally meet their new furry family members.  It is always a fun day here as the entire day is full of smiles.  The puppies are all smiling because they finally get to go home with their new family members.  The puppy family members are all smiling because they finally get to take their new furry best friend home. Everyone at Yesteryear Acres is always smiling because you can't help but smile when you are surrounded by happy puppies and happy families.  It is a Puppy Smile kind of day.  Today I had an extra smile on my face.  I received a card from one of the people bringing home a puppy. Inside the card was a note, "To one Marine Mom from another" -  I thought....I AM a Marine mom! That is the first time I really thought, I am the mom of a marine officer. It was so thoughtful of her and it was so nice to talk to another mom of a Marine. It really made my day. In the card was a keychain. It says, "Marine Mom....Toughest Job in the Corps." I think she might just be right!  Of course I put it on my keyring right away.  Now I will smile every time I use my keys! Happy Puppy Day!  Puppy Smiles all around!!!! 

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