Thursday, June 7, 2012


OH MY GOSH!  Happiness!  Lots and Lots of HAPPINESS!  My older daughter's room is officially DONE. As in finished. As in perfectly organized and clean!  We have things ready for when she leaves for Quantico.  We have her precious belongings boxed up and stored for her memorabilia.  We have ALL her clothes washed and folded.  All the clean clothes that she outgrew have been donated and are now hopefully making lots of other people happy. This was a HUGE project and I am so happy it is done.  Tomorrow - I am not going to do a single load of laundry!  Tomorrow - I am not going to lift a single box!  Tomorrow - I am not making a trip to the attic!  Tomorrow .....I errands all day. WHAT?!?  Where is the fun?  My younger daughter needs a new passport, I have to go grocery shopping, I have to run to the mill, I have to take my son to Driver's Ed class, I have to pick up prescriptions, I have to go to the bank, I have to.. etc. BUT I do not have to clean my daughter's room! SCORE!

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