Monday, June 18, 2012

A Great Big Hug

Imagine how much fun I am having RIGHT now.......After standing in a line that wraps around the hospital building, I am finally sitting in a chair where I get to wait some more!!!! Ooh! Who doesn't love waiting for hours?  Today is... Sports Physical Day! All boys from middle school and high school in the entire county get to have their medical physical today.  EVERYONE is here. Despite the very long day of boredom, tedium, and endless waiting - they do a great and very thorough job. My son will get a brain scan, EKG, and complete physical. They check for everything and the cost......$10. That's right - $10. With rising medical costs, I don't think a better deal could be found anywhere! So, here I sit, and wait, and answer emails, and write my blog, and marvel at the EXTREME range of sizes that middle school and high school boys come in. I have seen pint size boys and mammoth size boys. Boys that look like they are still waiting for their baby teeth to fall out and boys that look like they should be out of college. Tall boys, skinny boys, big huge muscular boys and very slender built boys. They all have one thing in common though.....They all seem to be here, obviously unwillingly dragged by their mommies, with that distinctive, oh so pleasant, "I am SO annoyed" look upon their faces. Awwwww. Such cuties! Makes me want to give them all a great big hug!

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