Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventure Walking

I have been coming up with clever little "adventures" on my daily morning walk with my daughter.  I hate to do the same old path every day so I like to come up with alternative routes.  I like to call them "Adventures" to make it sound so much more appealing.  My daughter has not been really enjoying my "adventures" as much as you would think she would.  One day I chose a path that was completely in the immediate path of the sun's ultra burning rays.  We were like ants under a magnifying glass. There was NO shade to be found.  Okay - so that adventure didn't pan out.  Another day I chose a path that ended up running out of sidewalk so that we had to walk on the burning pavement, on a busy road, with a dog, and no water.  Maybe that was a fail on my part as well.  Hey - we didn't cross the same path twice!  I mean I do have a goal in mind!  Yesterday our adventure led us to a dead deer carcass.  Hmmmmm. I am really on a roll aren't I?  So this morning, when I suggested we go on yet another adventure walk, my daughter didn't look that enthusiastic.  Where is her sense of adventure???  Today however - adventure was found! With Smiles!  We walked all the way to the redwood forest!!!!  Okay not THE Redwood Forest but we did walk to a redwood forest grove that was planted in 1993. It was really neat.  The shade was wonderful and it was a beautiful peaceful place. Along the way we saw butterflies, goldfinches, squirrels, bluebirds, cardinals AND an Indigo Bunting!  It was such a brilliant shade of blue we just stood an admired it for quite a while.  Today's adventure was perfect.  Tomorrow......well that remains to be seen!!!!

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