Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Summer

Summer is officially here! I have to say that it has been blatantly obvious that we are officially in summer as the temperatures here have been miserably hot.  It has been kind of miserable outside.  I know it is supposed to be HOT in summer but anything above 90* just feels wrong and has been over 90* every day this week.  My daughters and my son and I have been leaving the house early in the morning to get our exercise in.  Each day we leave a little earlier than the day before in order to beat the heat and each day it is obvious that we have failed in our attempts to stay cool.  We have been hitting the park first thing in the morning to get our miles in. My son and older daughter get the Beast award for putting forth the most effort during our workouts.  My son has been running 6 miles and my daughter alternates between running with him or walking with me while she carries a 70lb pack.  It makes it nearly impossible for me to complain about the weight of my little water bottle or how hot I am.  Gee!  My younger daughter and I just walk along silently begrudging the heat while my older daughter trots along.   We all get awards for dedication though.  We are determined to stay fit this summer! Tomorrow we are hoping to have a little summer fun. I am thinking fresh squeezed lemonade and some swim time at the pond! Happy First Day of Summer!  

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