Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day......Part 1

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there that shower their children with love, support, encouragement and are always there for them. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is just that kind of dad.  He is a faithful, devoted, loving, father that has instilled honor, loyalty, love of family, love of country and determined commitment into each of our children.  He is a great dad.  Today is a day to celebrate just how great he is.
Father's Day Agenda - HAVE FUN ALL DAY!  Fishing! Cookout!  Campfire! Steaks by the pond! Homemade Ice Cream!

Father's Day Reality - Honey, can you.........
Fix the Air conditioner
Fix the Ice Cream Maker
Solder the handle on the mixer
Fix the UPS for the Computer and install new UPS Battery
Change all the bedding for the puppies
Measure and prepare to remove gigantic Loft bed from older daughter's room
Make room in attic for giant Loft Bed
Get trailer ready to go get new mattress for regular bed
Clean out air conditioner filters
and then
Acknowledge my EVER SO THOUGHTFUL gift of............
Yes. The girls and I watered the entire 5 acre garden today! EVERY Square Inch!
Happy Father's Day!
(Okay....we "watered" the garden........when it was raining...... and took credit for it) BUT it DID get watered!  Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres - don't worry!  Today was  Happy Father's Day - PART 1!!!!  Happy Father's Day Part II will come SOON!  And we will go Fishing!  And we will have a cookout!  And we will have a campfire! And you will get your yummy homemade Ice Cream AND Steak dinner!!!!!  We love you!

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