Sunday, June 24, 2012

We have the desserts covered!

We finally got around to getting Mr. Yesteryear Acres Father's Day dessert extravaganza done. Yes, I know it is way past Father's Day - but just like our pause button on our DVR that we so fondly love, we used the pause button for Mr. Yesteryear Acres celebration dinner. Luckily Mr. Yesteryear Acres never complains about when we celebrate important events.  His birthday can be celebrated ON his birthday, days before, days after or even a month later.  He is equally happy if we celebrate it in a timely fashion or if we delay it.  He is happy for every day - "special" or not. He always says it isn't WHEN we celebrate that makes it special, it is THAT we celebrate. So this year, Father's Day came a little late but we made sure the wait was worth it.  We may have gone a little overboard in making the desserts.
Fresh picked Blackberries for a Lattice top blackberry pie.....CHECK!
Blackberry Pie was DELICIOUS!
Fresh picked sour cherries for a Cherry Crisp.....CHECK!
Cherry Crisp was DELICIOUS!!!!!
Homemade Ice Cream in three scrumptious flavors...check! Vanilla Bean, Black Walnut (Mr. Yesteryear Acres requested flavor) and our favorite - Maraschino Cherry Chocolate Chunk.
Homemade Ice Cream was DELICIOUS!
Yes. We have the desserts covered. If only there were a pause button to make the desserts last a little longer.  With everyone home to celebrate - the desserts vanished right before our eyes! Mmmmmmmm. I think we need to start planning for Mr. Yesteryear Acres birthday!  We only have 2 weeks before the big day! I am thinking Banana Split Ice Cream, Coffee Heath Bar Ice Cream, and maybe Vanilla Rocky Road Ice Cream with Pistachios. That seems like a good start to Mr. Yesteryear Acres birthday.  Maybe I should start now!

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