Friday, June 22, 2012

Where did I put my coffee???

Oh how I love morning coffee. I love love love love it.  I look forward to my coffee each and every morning.  This morning, I had one delightful sip and then....MY COFFEE WAS MISSING!  I looked everywhere for it.  Upstairs  - nope.  By my computer - nope.  In the living room - nope.  In the dining room - nope. In the kids room - nope. WHERE IS MY COFFEE?  Mr. Yesteryear Acres suggested I look in the microwave as I usually microwave my coffee about 1,000 times during the day. I hate cold coffee.  I opened the microwave, ready to be greeted by my cup of java....NOPE!  Oh my gosh!  MY COFFEE WAS REALLY GONE.  The puppies didn't have it.  The parlor didn't have it.  Even the bathrooms didn't have my cup of coffee.  Sadly, this afternoon, late in the day, I found my coffee. Or rather what was left of my coffee. It seems I put my coffee on top of the washing machine when I changed loads this morning. It seems my washing machine decided to have some sort of violent convulsions during the spin cycle and hurled my cup of coffee onto the dryer where it promptly made a coffee spin art display EVERYWHERE.  I had coffee in every nook and cranny.  Dryer sheets - coffee filled.  Lint trash - coffee filled.  Blankets all nice and folded by dryer- coffee filled. Wall - coffee splashed.  Yes. I made a coffee art display that few people would ever enjoy or appreciate.  Alas - no coffee for me today - but MAN you should see my dryer room! It is sparkly clean now! I never knew my dryer could be so bright white.  Thank you spilled coffee for giving me the opportunity to spend hours scrubbing my washer and dryer.  They are so clean and sparkly and they both sincerely appreciate your sacrifice.

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