Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Worse...but... Better

The excavation project began today as scheduled.  I know you must think I am exaggerating by calling it an excavation project but trust me - the room renovation task is that arduous.  It is really overwhelming which is why we kept putting it off and putting it off.  This morning I told Mr. Yesteryear Acres I was starting the project. He balked and protested and said he would get to it and I put my foot down and said WE ARE STARTING TODAY. My son was the only optimistic member of the family and could see how we start the project and make some progress.  He actually was the first one to dig in. Right now the room looks a million times worse....but better.  We made a lot of improvement!  Once my son and I started working, Mr. Yesteryear Acres gave in and he started helping and then my daughter pitched in as well. With all four of us dedicated to getting this project on the way - it really went much more quickly than any of us imagined. We have things in piles all over the room and it looks like a disaster area BUT it is an organized disaster area.  I even have the new makings of a work area! I have my computer set up near the window and can see out to our backyard which is SO nice. I have a beautiful hillside to brighten my work days. I am so excited to finally get this project going. It was long overdue and the end result will be SO worth it! Part II....tomorrow!

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