Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6th Grade Self

For a class assignment in school today, my son opened and read a letter that he wrote when he was in 6th grade. The 6th grade assignment was to write a letter to your future self about where you see yourself 6 years from now and your aspirations and hopes for the future.  Today was the day my son's class opened those letters. Many of my son's classmates found their dreams had drastically changed.  Their vision for what might be was no longer part of the picture. My son's 6th grade self however, is very much like his 12th grade self.  My son wrote that he would be graduating at the top of his class, receiving an appointment to the United States Naval Academy, saving money so someday he would have his dream come true of owning a ranch or farm. My son also wrote that he would be driving a super heavy duty truck that he will have paid for with his own money.  Those were the dreams of my 6th grade son. I would say he has worked hard to fulfill every 6th grade goal.  He has great grades, he received his Congressional Nomination to the Naval Academy and is awaiting word on whether he will receive an appointment.  He still dreams of owning his own farm and has been saving his money for that dream and he did in fact buy his very own super heavy duty truck with the money he saved from all his hard work. The last paragraph of his letter said this -

"In conclusion, I think I will be saving my money and working a lot.  I will get good grades and try my hardest to go to the Naval Academy.  I will be working to get my farm/ranch too.  I hope that my goals are the same when I receive this letter."

It was so fun reading his letter at dinner tonight.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I really enjoyed hearing our son's view point from 6 years ago. Dear 12th grade son, I would say you know what you want in life and you are well on your way to making all your dreams come true. Your 6th grade self would be proud of all you have accomplished so far.  (ps......I am too)

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