Sunday, March 8, 2015


This morning my son and I were faced with the reality of homework.  He had tons of Calculus to finish and I had to continue working on our taxes.  We both started the day losing one hour of precious sleep so you can imagine our lack of enthusiasm in starting our assignments.  As I sat down to begin the arduous task of the day, I received this text from my son......
I immediately answered the texts with, "WHAT!?" To which my son replied, "Thank GOODNESS!"  I thought this was you!"
"I was afraid this is what working on taxes did to you!"
Yes. That sums up a typical Sunday here at Yesteryear Acres.  I let my son know that in fact, I was alive and didn't melt onto the chair.
He then said,
"I didn't know it was sooooo bad!"
Again I let him know that I was STILL alive and well.
To which he said, 
"I don't think you are well enough to start that construction project."
I am not saying that my son and I are expert procrastinators but........
we will do anything to get out of doing our Calculus and Tax work!!!!! I suppose it's either start doing the taxes or I guess I will have to start working on that construction project! Judging by this picture, I am sure I will pass all the needed qualifications!

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