Sunday, March 1, 2015

If you use your Imagination

Today we woke up to yet another snowfall. This time we got a LOT of thick wet snow and it kept falling all day.  We haven't had wet snow in a long time which made some of the snow shoveling work a little more strenuous.  I really got my workout in today!  After all the farm chores were finished, Bri and I decided to build a snowman.  Our snow has been too cold and too fluffy for any snowman building but today, the conditions were perfect.  Of course we didn't opt for the easy route.  I mean anyone can build a snowman.  You just need three good size snowballs and voila!  You are done.  No - Bri and I decided to build a Snow Doodle sculpture.  Complete with baby doodle puppies.  We worked on our snow doodle dog for over an hour.  If you use your imagination and squint just so and tilt your head and expand your mind - you might just see our AWESOME SNOW DOODLE DOGGIE AND PUPPIES!!!!!
The beginning of the giant Doodle Snow Doggie

We can't forget the famous Doodle tongue!

So maybe it looks like an Egyptian Sphinx Doodle Doggie 

But you can pet it just like a real doggie. 
Now REALLY squint and REALLY try.....and you can see our three doodle puppies.  See? Aren't our 3 snow doodle puppies so cute?  With their cute curly ears and happy little faces?  (Just say yes.  That's what Mr. Yesteryear Acres did)

The finished Snow Doodle Statue 
I am sure we will be inundated with requests for more snow sculptures!
Please take a number

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