Monday, March 16, 2015

6 Miles - No Problem!

The last day of the Northwest Doodle Breeder Conference was great.  The speakers were awesome and in the afternoon we had breakout sessions and I was the leader of a group discussion which was a lot of fun. There were some new breeders and it was nice to be able to help them with all their questions.  Today I am heading back home on the red-eye but last beautiful look at Oregon!
Maggie started my day with a delicious breakfast and then.....

We hit the trail!

The views were amazing

And we followed a beautiful stream 3 miles down the trail. With every step down - we knew we had to make the climb back up!

It was an amazingly beautiful walk filled with nature's wonders!

Of course we had Doodle Doggies with us!  They were so happy to go on our long hike with us!

I loved all the moss covered trees

and rushing waterfalls

and the trillium in bloom

along with all the flowering trees

Once we made our way back up the 3 mile trail - the views were incredible!

The doggies were ready to do the entire trail again.  They said, "6 Miles? No problem!  Let's go again!"  I have to agree doggies!  I have to agree!  Thanks for my last look at beautiful Oregon!

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