Sunday, March 22, 2015

Best. Spring. Break. Ever

I am not sure whether my son's girlfriend Bri actually chose Yesteryear Acres as the place she would like to spend her College Spring Break or if being a poor college student, Yesteryear Acres was the only spring break choice but in either case....BRI IS HERE!  I am super excited that she is here for the week! I am sure Bri looked up all the travel review sites about the top rated Spring Break Destination of Yesteryear Acres.  It probably said things like Yesteryear Acres is full of Non-Stop Things To Do like.....
Cleaning up Puppy Poop
Cleaning up Doggie Poop
Brushing Doggies
Taking Doggies for Walks
Housebreaking Puppies
Cleaning Puppy Areas
Cleaning up More Puppy Poop.
Oh man!  Think of all the fun Bri will have! First up
Home Improvement Project!  Oh boy!
Tomorrow maybe we can vacuum the house and wash the hard wood floors!!!!! 
I know what Bri is thinking right now. Best. Spring. Break. Ever!


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