Monday, March 2, 2015

New Doodle Babies!

We have new Doodle babies to love!!!!!!
Snow Doodle Babies!  
Don't worry.......we really do have new Doodle babies to love and I have their new pictures but I had to squeeze in a few more snow doodle pictures.  The sun came out and it ALMOST looks like our Doodle Snow Statue is actually a Snow Doodle Statue! 

Awwwww our Mommy Snow Doodle loves her snow doodle pups so much!

Today is just a beautiful day to be outside!  The sun feels so warm, it feels like a hint of spring!  
Birdie thought that with the warmer weather right around the corner, it would be a great week to have her goldendoodle puppies.
We have 9 new goldendoodle babies to love!

They are a sweet bundle of joy

We have 7 boys and 2 girls

And Mommy Birdie and her babies are all doing great

Check back every Monday to watch them grow

Happy March!  Happy Monday!  Happy Goldendoodle Baby day!

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