Wednesday, March 18, 2015

But it FEELS like 4:30

When I was in Oregon, I started to run out of steam around 10:00pm.  I kept saying things like, "at home it is 1:00am!" By midnight I was so exhausted and of course I reminded everyone that it was 3:00am Ohio time.  Everyone seemed to not care that much about my time change.  When I woke up at 4:30am their time, EVEN though it was 7:30am my one would wake up with me! I was ready to go hiking and not a single person wanted to do that in the pitch black of night.  Go figure! We had so many late night meetings that by the last day - 7:30am really felt like 7:30am.  I believe I was a true Oregonian!  Well this morning, back home in Ohio, 7:30am did not feel like 7:30am!  It felt like 4:30am!  And guess what? No one really seems to care that much about my time change! Again!!!! As I drank my morning cup of coffee with squinty sleepy eyes, Mr. Yesteryear Acres started talking about all the things on our To-Do list.  Didn't he know it was only 5:00am? Honestly! I hope tomorrow 7:30am feels like 7:30am. Right now.....I miss Oregon! You can sleep in until 7:00am ......which is 10:00am!  Right Maggie?! Guess I better start dinner. Seems like people in Ohio get hungry at this time of day. Whoever heard of eating dinner at 4:00pm?!

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