Friday, March 20, 2015

Who Forgot the Cream Cheese?

Today was one of those get 'er done days.  I have been putting off going to the store and our refrigerator was pretty bare.  When I opened my refrigerator this morning, it said, "Feed Me!"  Between locking myself upstairs to do the taxes and heading to Oregon for the Northwest Doodle Breeder's Summit, the pantry and refrigerator needed some TLC.  I knew I couldn't wait one more minute when we used the last of the milk this morning.  We are never without milk!  Shopping could wait no longer.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres did the first round early this morning.  He got at least half the list filled at Warehouse Club #1.  We unloaded the SUV, partially filled our shelves and re-stocked our refrigerator. Mr. Yesteryear Acres even brought home the very best surprise ever.....Fresh Baked Bagels from the Bagel Deli!  How I love Everything Bagels!!!!!! Once my son got home from school, it was time for Warehouse Club #2. Thankfully my son decided to join me so he was in charge of the flat bed while I got the cart.  10 gallons of milk and many bags of dog food later, we were ready for the checkout. We almost made it out the door without someone asking us if we had dogs....but just as we were leaving, the inevitable question was asked.  I assured them that dog food and milk tastes great together and we were on our way home.  Now that we have everything put away, guess who forgot the cream cheese?!  ME!  How can I have my everything bagels for breakfast tomorrow morning??  Hey, I know - Why don't I go to the store!  Looks like it is time for Round #3!

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