Friday, March 6, 2015

My Fault or Their Fault?

Everyone knows that I am busy working upstairs doing taxes.  That is the plan.  There is no altering the plan.  At least that what is supposed to be happening.  This morning as I was all set up for my self-imposed exile, Mr. Yesteryear Acres asked if perhaps I wanted to help him do the farm chores this morning.  The sun was out and he said that we could do them together and it would make things go so much more quickly and after he could "help" me with the taxes.  Let's see......endless piles of receipts and paperwork or sunshine and time with my husband???  Yes outside time won.  Except EVEN though it was sunny it was only 8* when we went outside!  That is not warm!  And even though Mr. Yesteryear Acres said we could do them together, I got stuck with the poopsicle removal chore.  Everything was so frozen solid, I had to lug a pick axe around to loosen up the poopsicles.  AND everyone knows, I am not that good with a pick axe so I ended up covering my snowsuit in poopsicle shards.  When we were finally all done....guess who had OTHER work to do and couldn't help with the taxes?  Any guesses?  I will give you a hint - this person actually never helps with the taxes and his name rhymes with Sister BesteryearAcres.  So it was back upstairs for me. Alone.  Just me and the mounds of receipts.  Just as I was finding my groove, my son asks if I would help him unload and stack all the bags of sawdust.  He used the old,"It is a good workout Mom" and "Don't I want to get my exercise in?" ploy.  Let's see.....endless piles of receipts and paperwork or sunshine and time with my son??? Yes, my son won.  So NOW I AM REALLY REALLY going to get my taxes done.  Right now.  Wait....what's that?  You need help feeding the horses? Let's see.....endless piles of receipts or.......Looks like I am on the way!

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