Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slober on my Head!

It probably comes as no surprise but I love animals!  My son loves animals too. He is a huge animal lover just like me. I love my Doodle Doggies, I love my horses, I love the birds, the deer, the bunnies and all creatures great and small.  I love going to the zoo or walking in nature or anywhere I might have a chance of an awesome animal sighting.  I am like a child bursting with excitement.  I am hoping that my blog posts for the next few days don't bore you too much but - we had the best animal experiences!!!!  WE GOT TO FEED GIRAFFES!!!!!

Coming to see me

My son giving the giraffe a good neck scratch

Romaine Lettuce leaves...how delicious!

They're my favorite!

Pretty much best day ever

Who doesn't love giraffe hugs?!
They give the best kisses

Giraffe's love a little scratch!

And a kiss or two

Thanks for the lettuce!

Mmmmmm more please!

Yes - I am petting a giraffe!

I could not stop smiling!

Either could my son

That's when the tour guide put lettuce on my head

I mean doesn't everyone love giraffe slober in their hair???
Pretty much AWESOME!

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