Sunday, March 29, 2015

Never Lose the Wonder

My son's friend that is traveling with us on Spring Break has never been on any adventure of any kind. We have kind of adopted him since he was in 7th grade and you can find him at my house pretty much on any given day.  He doesn't have the best home life so we have given him a safe place at Yesteryear Acres full of love and good food where he can come any time he wants.  He has grown into a fine young man and will make an excellent Marine.  The day he took his oath was a proud day for us all.  This Spring Break trip will be filled with wonder for him.  He has never been on a plane and is full of questions - how do you check in? What happens at security? How will we get our luggage back? What will the hotel be like? What is the weather like?  Everything is new and interesting and wonderful.  It is an adventure of a lifetime for him and we are excited he is joining us.  The best part about having him with us on our trip is the reminder to never lose the wonder.  Never forget how exciting things are for those experiencing something for the first time.  It is fun to be filled with the same anticipatory excitement. It is important to remember - life is full of wondrous amazing experiences and to look at them with fresh eyes of appreciation, makes it all the better.

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