Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Even The Deer Mock Me

I am constantly fighting the battle of the bulge and this winter has proven to be quite challenging in keeping my insulating layer down to a minimum. After working outside for hours in the brutal arctic temperatures, my willpower seems to be erased the second I walk into my warm kitchen.  EVERYTHING looks delicious! I want it all! To combat my need to have "just one more cookie" - I have amped up my exercise routine.  I am really giving it my all!  Yesterday I went on a long snow walk and I am pretty sure my doodle doggies were mocking me. I lumbered through each and every step.  The snow is really deep and each step is quite the effort.  The doodle doggies however leap through the snow as if it were a mere dusting.
Olive has already run all the way to the top of the hill, back down again, and is running back up to make sure I am still alive.

I mean YES the sun was out - which was quite unusual and quite welcome BUT........

The deep snow requires major effort on my part.  From my back door to the top of the hill is the equivalent of 39 flights of stairs. I can normally breeze up here with no problem but evidently my gasping for breath was SO loud that an entire herd of deer became terrified by my labored breathing and bolted out of the woods and down the hill.  Even they mocked me.  One deer turned around whilst effortlessly leaping through the snow as if to say, "YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME!"  All I could do was to.......

catch a fleeting glimpse of their trail.  The deer was right.
This is in NO way me stalling.....I am in no way wheezing and gasping for air.  I am not delaying the inevitable return back home.  See?  The moon!  I mean you have to stop and take a moon picture!

Okay - so my return trip home MAY have taken a while.  I may have been secretly wishing that Mr. Yesteryear Acres would come and rescue me. I may have been in fear that I would become part of the frozen tundra never to be seen again.  As the sun slowly set against the snow-filled landscape - I watched my doodle dogs happily bounce back home.  I "gasp" am "gasp" right "gasp" behind you!

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