Thursday, March 19, 2015

Law and Order Theme Song

This afternoon, all I could hear in my head was the BUM BUM of the Law and Order theme "song".  My son is participating in a mock trial at school and he is the Prosecuting Attorney.  I had to listen to his opening statement.....again.....and again....and again.  It is a good 10 minute statement.  By the third or fourth time, all I could do was to play that BUM BUM in my head while he was talking.  My son seems to be quite the excellent prosecutor and has a very good case. He is prepared and the defense attorneys will really have to work hard to combat my son's logical and methodical approach. Just when I thought we were done for the night, my son decided to practice his objections for when the trial starts. It looks like the BUM BUM will be playing in my head for a few more days.  I am not sure how I became so lucky as to be selected as the practice jury - but evidently that is my role.  I will look forward to the closing arguments and hearing "the prosecution rests."  Until then....the heinous crime and BUM BUM continues!

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