Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Bows were Worth It

Yesterday not only did I tie more turquoise bows than I ever thought possible, I also laughed all day with my dear friends as I helped to set up the Northwest Doodle Conference.  We had so much fun setting up for the conference and I was so glad to be there to help.
My first job was to sew together the Welcome Sign........
Didn't I do a great job???? WELCMOE!  

I am pretty sure this should be posted to Pinterest FAILS.  
Thankfully, my error was noticed before we hung the sign.  I was able to resew the sign and WELCOME everyone.

I did much better sewing the Doodles Sign.  I got it right on the first try!

We spent a lot of the morning getting the Raffle Prizes ready.  Everything needed Turquoise Bows.

I had to admit...the bows were worth it.  The Doodle Table of prizes looked fantastic!

Even though I like Doodle Prizes, this is my favorite table!
I may have had one or two "Panting Peanut M&M's"

The finished Candy Buffet Table

Day One - Success!!!!!

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