Thursday, March 5, 2015

It is that time of the year ....again

Oh the dreaded taxes are looming around the corner and so I must begin my self-imposed exile and lock myself upstairs until I am ready to file.  I know you must be wondering if I in fact improved upon my system from last year.  I know you must be wondering if this year, I became accountant-like and kept all my records neat and tidy. know that old saying, "if it isn't broken......?"  It seems that I have adhered to that philosophy.  There must be some part of me that likes being locked in my office, pulling out my hair, surrounding myself with mountains of receipts and paperwork.  Maybe I long for a mile-long adding machine tape full of calculations.  Perhaps there is a need for me to repetitively punch numbers until I can't see straight.  Whatever the underlying reason may be - here it is March 2015 and I know I must begin.  I must begin to hide away with no friends, no fun, no snacks, no sunshine and start the process.  The Tax Season Cometh.  I hope to see you all soon. ps...... Mr. Yesteryear Acres - send cookies! I need reinforcements!!!!!

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