Friday, May 22, 2015

Ohhhhh Truffles.....

This morning I downloaded an update to my email program and when I opened my email program back emails were all gone.   Every single one. Every single folder.  My email count was ZERO.  You can imagine my delight.  You can imagine my joy.  I then spent the next few slightly panicked hours trying to rebuild my databases and import saved email folders.  At one point my computer said there was something like 6 hours left to import so what could I do?  Certainly watching a spinning wheel wouldn't be helpful or productive or good for reducing stress so I left my spinning wheel and decided to stop worrying about what I could not change and work on something I could.
Ohhhhhhhh Truffles...........Time for your haircut!
Truffles is just so hot nursing all her babies and she has the longest coat. She was supposed to go to the groomers earlier last month but since this was her first pregnancy, I didn't want to stress her out by getting groomed mid-pregnancy.  Now that the babies are here, she is just one big fluffball! 
Or should I say....she WAS one big fluffball! 
Getting closer to being finished 
Truffles says, "I take an awesome selfie!"
"I love my new short look"
Just about the time I was ready to go back inside to check the progress on my computer.  My son came home. 
He asked if I got my workout in yet.  My answer was not unless trimming Truffles counted.  He said it didn't count. 
But unloading the trailer would!
Guess what I did next?
Does THAT count as a workout?
I say yes!

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