Sunday, May 3, 2015

Virtual Groceries

Today my older daughter had access to the internet which was an AWESOME surprise because we got to send messages to one another for a huge part of the afternoon.  She is 5 months into her deployment and "spending" the day with her was just the best! We talked about everything. We talked about how she is doing.  We talked about home.  We talked about her dreams and goals and her hopes for when she returns. She said that when she thinks of home, she misses it so much, it hurts.  I told her we miss her that much too. During our conversation, I told my daughter that I had to go to the grocery store.  I might have even complained about having to go.  That is when she said how much she MISSES grocery shopping.  She would do anything to be able to go to the store and get I took her with me!  I took pictures of me getting in the car, then heading down the driveway, a few pictures of the road and finally of the store.  Once in the store, I took pictures of the aisles and all the food. She almost cried when she got the picture of the milk aisle.  She hasn't had a sip of milk since December. My daughter decided that she would pick out a few things for Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  She wanted to go shopping for her dad and so I put whatever she chose right into the cart.  After we were all done shopping together, I sent more pictures of the ride home and then pictures of Mr. Yesteryear Acres opening her grocery selections.  She picked out an awesome menu for dinner and Mr. Yesteryear Acres was really super happy with all his goodies.  I think his favorite might have been the stone ground mustard she chose for him.  Tonight we made her dinner and then sent dinner pictures with smiles all around.  She  can't send any pictures back so she emailed me and thanked me for spending the day with her and taking her grocery shopping.  We both can't wait until she comes home and we really go shopping together. We miss each other!
 Dear Daughter who I miss so much, thanks for shopping with me! Stay safe.  Come home soon.  We love you.

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