Friday, May 8, 2015

You're the Coolest

I haven't slept well for the past several weeks.  Like clockwork, at 4:16am, I wake up every night and then spend several hours trying to get back to sleep.  I usually fall back to sleep a little after 7:00am and then of course I am sound asleep when my alarm goes off at 8:00am. I wake up so tired and then stay tired all day. The past few nights have been even worse as I am up by 1:30am wondering why sleep is eluding me. The only thing I can come up with is that I feel like I am being boiled alive.  I am SO GOSH DARN HOT!  I am not saying that I am getting old, but, I am fairly certain that when I wake up with enough Btu's to heat an entire steam room, there is a chance that I may be getting older. There is a small chance this may be the text book definition of a hot flash, but I will never admit that! It is true that I will be 50 years old this August (or as Mr. Yesteryear Acres likes to remind me, 1/2 century) and evidently I am preparing for this by almost bursting into flames each evening. I can't even think of sleeping with covers on and I am convinced someone set the thermostat to 125* Fahrenheit.  The thermometer in our bedroom reads 68* but obviously it is full of lies! I shared my tale of woe with Mr. Yesteryear Acres this morning and he immediately set upon fixing my misery. He fixed up a cooling center on my side of the bed, complete with a fan and remote control. Now that I have a brand new temperature regulator system designed by the most thoughtful Mr. Yesteryear Acres.....maybe, just maybe....I will sleep through the night!  Even if I don't, I know I will be a million times more comfortable!  Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres - you're the coolest! Love, your fan club


  1. It's a rough time for sure. The next thing to happen is you will go into your hot flash then your new cooling system will cause you great chills then you will pull the covers on and start the entire process over several times during the night. Your husband is kind as is mine, he installed a ceiling fan. I have most of this behind me but it creeps in a few nights a week. Hang in there and your positive attitude will help you greatly!! Try natutal herbs such as Dong Quai. ��


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