Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vet Day

It was a big day here at Yesteryear Acres - it was our annual house call visit from our veterinarian.  We have the very best veterinarian in all the world and once a year she comes to Yesteryear Acres with an assistant and they give all our Doodle Doggies a complete physical, yearly vaccinations and dental check. Our vet loves coming out here.  She gets a day out on the farm, doesn't have to work inside and all our doggies love her.  She gets a ton of tail wagging devotion and she always comments on how loving and well behaved our doggies are.  It is actually a very rewarding day because we get a lot of praise for how clean our doggies ears are and how well-mannered our doggies are and how she loves their easy going temperaments.  It is nice to get an A+ and know that their excellent health report is a direct result of our hard work and dedication to our doggies. We love them so much and we always put their welfare and care ahead of everything. It is nice to receive "EXCELLENT" and "GOOD BOY" and "GOOD GIRL" after each physical.
Dear Veterinarian that we love,
Thank you so much for spending the day with us and taking such awesome care of our doggies.  ps........the cats say thank you for their checkup too! A good day was had by all!!!!!

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