Monday, May 18, 2015

She wants a retake?

Our Spring Doodle Puppies are all getting just a little bit bigger.  We have some little eyes opening up and the puppies are in the beginning stages of toddling around.  They are so cute!
Marmalade's Double Doodle Puppies are almost ready to start going outside

And start solid foods.....YUM!

"I've got this Puppy Picture Monday thing down!"


"Wah!  She wants a retake!"

"Guess I will just hang out here and wait"

"I've got a secret....if you stay really still for the pictures, you get to snuggle sooner!"

"We are ready"  
"Snuggle time! Yay!"

Sweet Pea's Goldendoodle Babies are just starting to open their eyes

They are soooo soft

And Super Snuggly!


Truffles has the cutest doodle puppies

Her caramel doodle babies are adorable and.......

her chocolate doodle babies are adorable!

Happy Puppy Picture Monday!!!

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