Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Shopping, Cooking and Family Time

I am just sitting down now at 10:06pm after running around all day long.  I started my shopping errands early and was at the farm store soon after they opened. Mr. Yesteryear Acres agreed to do all the puppy chores and take care of the mommy dogs while I tried to get everything crossed off my many lists.  As soon as I was done at the farm store, I was off to store after store and then home to unload. I didn't get a bite to eat until late and had to run outside and help with all the farm chores. By the time I was done with that, it was time to start cooking for the big celebration dinner.  We had a belated birthday dinner AND a belated Mother's Day dinner tonight. I have to say........dinner was delicious!  We had an awesome time and lots of laughter and lots of time to share in the joy of family togetherness.  I was so glad to have taken the time tonight to enjoy our dinner. Family time is everything! Now I am ready to answer emails, write today's blog and hit the hay!  Tomorrow - another busy day!  I will be ready!

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